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My Opinions on Trump 2016

My personal opinion on Donald Trump winning the US election and some other things, in a bullet point way.

Firstly, he didn’t win the popular vote. He lost the vote by 0.1% to Clinton.

Secondly, he isn’t as extreme right-wing as some news media seem to think. He isn’t an authoriarian cult maker. He is a typical misogynstic right-winger, one that may be for the Tea Party. And while the Tea Party isn’t really that nice, they aren’t an authoritarian cult. Donald Trump is saying what the people want. That’s why he won. Clinton wasn’t. That’s why she didn’t.

  1. Mexico aren’t paying for that wall Trump. Even if you nuke them.
  2. You lost the popular vote. If this was a fair system, Clinton should be president.
  3. RIP Space Launch System, 2010-2016. “Government funded space programs suck.”
  4. Civil unrest already, and you aren’t even inaugurated.
  5. The only person that congratulated you was Putin. He then had champagne.
  6. You only got in because of desperate economical times.
  7. America had already jumped off a cliff, you helped it.
  8. We should blame the Bush Administration for your win.
  9. You are now the zeroth stupidest country in the world’s eyes. Us here in the UK are first.
  10. Sanders would have kicked your ass.
  11. Can we have Mike Pence instead? At least?
  12. One good thing: Putin won’t nuke America now.
  13. You made the Canadian immigration website crash.
  14. Canada is going to get a nice population boost.
  15. We might have American Canadians as a population in the next couple years.
  16. I saw a Paris video that had a huge “Fuck Trump!” sign.
  17. Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada.
  18. Your rallies helped you
  19. You won because the media gave you so much coverage, which made people look you up, which made people support you and therefore vote for you.

The US electoral system is broken…

Article 87

Article 87 of the 2014 Tunisian Constitution states:

“The President of the Republic enjoys judicial immunity during his/her term in office.
All statutes of limitations and other deadlines are suspended, and judicial procedures
can only be recommenced after the end of his/her term.
The President of the Republic cannot be prosecuted for acts that were carried out in
the context of performing his/her functions.”
Now, this would seem like a nondemocratic country’s ‘democracy’ tactics.
But then you read Article 88:
“The Assembly of the Representatives of the People may, through the initiative of a
majority of its members, present a motion to bring to an end the President of the
Republic’s term for a grave violation of the Constitution. Such a motion must be
approved by two-thirds of the members. In such an event, the matter is referred to
the Constitutional Court for a decision by a majority of two-thirds of its members. In
the event of condemnation, the Constitutional Court orders removal of the
President of the Republic from office, without excluding eventual criminal
prosecution when necessary. Where the President has been removed from office
under these circumstances, he/she is not entitled to run in any subsequent elections.”
So, the president is judically immune, but they can be impeached?
This means that Article 88 overrides 87, but 87 cannot apply in the circumstances it is applied for, so Article 88 stops most abilites of 87 to apply. This is what confuses me about the Constitution of Tunisia. Is it really democratic or not?
Article 36 seems to say that it isn’t:

“The right to join and form unions is guaranteed, including the right to strike.

This right does not apply to the national army.
The right to strike does not apply to the forces of internal security and to customs
That means that if you are a army, internal security, or a customs officer, you cannot strike? This is quirky for democracy, in my opinion. It seems to have some hints of the ND/CDR left inside.
But, there is plenty more evidence to suggest that it should:
Article 128:
“The Human Rights Commission oversees respect for, and promotion of, human
freedoms and rights, and makes proposals to develop the human rights system. It
must be consulted on draft laws that fall within the domain of its mandate.
The Commission conducts investigations into violations of human rights with a view
to resolving them or referring them to the competent authorities.
The Commission shall be composed of independent and impartial members with
competence and integrity. They undertake their functions for a single six-year term.”
Article 130:
“The Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission contributes to policies of
good governance, and preventing and fighting corruption. It is responsible for
following up on the implementation and dissemination of these policies, for the
promotion of a culture of good governance, and for the consolidation of principles of
transparency, integrity and accountability.”
 and finally Article 25 (although there are many more)
“No citizen shall be deprived of their nationality, exiled, extradited or prevented from
returning to their country.”
Then again, there’s always Article 9 to swing in the other direction…
“Protecting the unity and integrity of the homeland is a sacred duty for all citizens.
National service is a duty according to the regulations and conditions established by
the law.”
So my conclusion is that Tunisia’s 2014 consitiution is a democratic country with some ND/CDR and ultraconservative influence.
Ne0phyte out.

My opinion on Donald Trump’s media attention

To the BBC, NBC and major Western news outlets.

Donald Trump’s populist Republican campaign for the US presidency started in June, 2015. Since then he has became the frontrunner for the nomination, with several other ones dropping out, like Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina and most recently, Marco Rubio. I personally feel, as well as many others, that Donald Trump has been given a unfairly high percentage of the airtime, despite his far-right-wing ideals (e.g banning of Muslims entering America) He has effectively split the nation, with one March 11, 2016 rally never taking place due to repeated violent incidents, with people holding up Bernie Sanders campaign flyers and yelling at each other. (USNews report, March 11, 2016 7:52PM) His vulgar attacks on other people and candidates (including Barack Obama and Ted Cruz) seem to have gave him more airtime in the US, which he seems to want so he will gain more supporters.

He is gaining airtime at the expense of other candidates, and his endless “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” chants mesmerise unwitting supporters to his campaign, and again puts the other candidates at a disadvantage. In fact through November 30, 2015, Donald trump had more airtime (238 mins) than the entire Democratic field (123 minutes) (Donald Trump News Dominance Report – December 31, 2015)

He asserts propaganda to win. This is the same strategy as Adolf Hitler used, back in 1933. But, all of this does not matter to me.

As a left-wing UK citizen, I do not care who wins the US election, even if it is Donald Trump. I do not care which party wins, Democratic, Republican or a third party. I do not care who ends up in the White House and I will never care who ends up in the White House. If Trump wants to oppress Muslims as president I do not care.

The world is very different than it was in 1933, and Europe, despite US influence, is a lot more independent now with the EU, and has it’s own issues to worry about (e.g Putin). So I do not care. No matter how much pressure he puts on the EU, no matter how much trade is reduced, and no matter how many laws are passed reducing American democracy (which is already pretty bad), they will never bow to US pressure.

So us, the BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Al Jazeera and other news channels have nothing to worry about. I hope you, the people reading this, don’t either.

Neophyte OUT.

Modern American businesses.

The standards and social expectations of modern America seem to be…based on the acquistion of money and nothing else. No matter what the risks are, who suffers in the process, or any long-term benefit, they seem to do anything for the money.

Many people agree with this opening paragraph, especially on media services which let you upload any video you can record, e.g this YouTube video:

Let’s get the advertisement being described and analyze it.

It is an ad for some free Tomahawk Hybrid Iron golf clubs, which the advertisement claims have no catches, and are absolutely free, with the only charge ($23.50/£16.60) for shipping and handling. But the video points out that they are 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) smaller than normal golf clubs, which means you have to buy a new shaft and get it processed.

Some Google searches for steel-iron golf shafts ranged from $5.99 (£4.23) to $40 (£28.23) and graphite-iron ones from $4.80 (£3.38) to $47 (£33.20) (on both occasions there was one for $270 and $80, respectively, but those were far off). So total cost could equal £49.70.

So, we have determined that this is a misleading advertisement?

There is one more thing.

Some businesses, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, used 1-900 numbers, which were premium-rate. One “psychic hotline” type of 1-900/1-976 number was $2.99 for the first minute (vs $0.02-$0.08/minute for 1-800) and $0.99 for every single one after that. (Web scam serivces often use them, often for literal money-sucking) So, for a 23 minute call, 4 times in a week, every week, thats US$90.11/week

So I hope this has let you see how American business exists only for the sole gathering of money and nothing else. Neophyte out.