My Opinions on Trump 2016

My personal opinion on Donald Trump winning the US election and some other things, in a bullet point way.

Firstly, he didn’t win the popular vote. He lost the vote by 0.1% to Clinton.

Secondly, he isn’t as extreme right-wing as some news media seem to think. He isn’t an authoriarian cult maker. He is a typical misogynstic right-winger, one that may be for the Tea Party. And while the Tea Party isn’t really that nice, they aren’t an authoritarian cult. Donald Trump is saying what the people want. That’s why he won. Clinton wasn’t. That’s why she didn’t.

  1. Mexico aren’t paying for that wall Trump. Even if you nuke them.
  2. You lost the popular vote. If this was a fair system, Clinton should be president.
  3. RIP Space Launch System, 2010-2016. “Government funded space programs suck.”
  4. Civil unrest already, and you aren’t even inaugurated.
  5. The only person that congratulated you was Putin. He then had champagne.
  6. You only got in because of desperate economical times.
  7. America had already jumped off a cliff, you helped it.
  8. We should blame the Bush Administration for your win.
  9. You are now the zeroth stupidest country in the world’s eyes. Us here in the UK are first.
  10. Sanders would have kicked your ass.
  11. Can we have Mike Pence instead? At least?
  12. One good thing: Putin won’t nuke America now.
  13. You made the Canadian immigration website crash.
  14. Canada is going to get a nice population boost.
  15. We might have American Canadians as a population in the next couple years.
  16. I saw a Paris video that had a huge “Fuck Trump!” sign.
  17. Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada.
  18. Your rallies helped you
  19. You won because the media gave you so much coverage, which made people look you up, which made people support you and therefore vote for you.

The US electoral system is broken…